PCC Schweizermeisterschaft [ESS] SUI2022/07/093
44. Juratreff / Schweizermeisterschaft (HG) [ESS] SUI2022/07/093
2022 German Handgun Part I GER2022/07/033
12th Helmbrechts-Cup 2022 GER2022/06/163
Infinity Open 2022 GER2022/06/053
6to Selectivo - 2do Metropolitano ARG2022/05/283
3oak Open 2022 [ESS] GER2022/05/253
CANAL CHALLENGE 2022 GRE2022/05/203
II Etp XVIII Camp Brasileiro - Shotgun BRA2022/05/123
1st PSC Schmeisser Experience GER2022/05/063
German Shotgun [ESS] GER2022/05/013
BUL Indoor Trophy GER2022/05/013
Shotgun Cup 2022 GER2022/04/223
5.11 Cup Germany 2022 [ESS] GER2022/04/103
Wiechlice Rifle Cup [ESS] POL2022/04/103
Wiechlice Shotgun Cup [ESS] POL2022/04/103
Polish 360° - Handgun [ESS] POL2022/04/033
Polish 360° - Pistol Calibre Carbine [ESS] POL2022/04/033
LM LV2 Part 2 [ESS] GER2022/03/123
Argentina Open [ESS] ARG2022/02/253
LM NRW Production / PdO / POL [ESS] GER2022/02/133
32nd Area 2 Regionals Part 1 [ESS] GER2022/02/123
Münchner Meisterschaft IPSC HG 2022 GER2022/02/053
16th GKS-Match 2022 [ESS] GER2022/01/083
Walther Cup Düsseldorf 2021 [ESS] GER2021/12/193
Christkindmatch 2021 [ESS] GER2021/12/193
KASAL CUP 2021 INA2021/12/103
CENTRAL JAVA OPEN 2021 INA2021/12/053
26th Schleswig-Holstein Match 2021 [ESS] GER2021/11/193
Copenhagen Open 2021 DEN2021/10/303
Copenhagen Open 2021 [ESS] DEN2021/10/283
5.11 Cup Germany 2021 GER2021/10/243
German IPSC Rifle 1500J 2021 [ESS] GER2021/10/223
BUL Germany Cup 2021 [ESS] GER2021/10/163
.French Master Pcc [2021-10-02] [ESS] FRA2021/10/143
11th Helmbrechts-Cup 2021 GER2021/09/303
Geco IPSC Masters 2021 GER2021/09/193
3 Koenig Match 2021 [ESS] AUT2021/09/163
Occitan Cup Meauzac Handgun 2021 FRA2021/09/123
PSC Shotgun Games 2021 [ESS] GER2021/09/123
Vilnius Open Pcc 2021 LTU2021/09/123
Vilnius Open 2021 LTU2021/09/123
Polish Autumn Handgun 2021 POL2021/09/123
Dall IPSC Challenge DEN2021/08/283
Wildtier-Cup 2021 [ESS] GER2021/08/273
German Championship Handgun Part II 2021 [ESS] GER2021/08/223
SUN CITY OPEN 2021 LTU2021/08/153
Rooster Mountain 2021 [ESS] DEN2021/08/083
Shotgun Cup 2021 GER2021/08/013
German Championship Handgun Part I 2021 [ESS] GER2021/07/183
German Championship Rifle 2021 GER2021/07/113
23rd Ironhands [ESS] GER2021/07/093
43. Jura Treff (PCC) [ESS] SUI2021/07/033
Swiss Nationals (HG) [ESS] SUI2021/07/033
Hellas Great Shotgun 2021 GRE2021/06/293
DM 2021 IPSC Shotgun [ESS] GER2021/06/273
CANAL CHALLENGE 2021 GRE2021/05/293
Alsa Pro Lithuania Pcc 2021 LTU2021/05/293
Alsa Pro Lithuania 2021 LTU2021/05/293
Master Series 2021 ITA2021/05/073
Siauliai Open Pcc 2021 LTU2021/04/253
Siauliai Open 2021 LTU2021/04/253
Shooting Academy Open 2021 LTU2021/04/103
2021 SA State Handgun Championships [ESS] AUS2021/01/223
BUL Germany Cup [ESS] GER2020/10/243
DM 2020 IPSC Rifle [ESS] GER2020/10/183
Fenix NRW Trophy GER2020/10/113
3oak Open 2020 GER2020/10/043
Copenhagen Open 2020 [ESS] DEN2020/10/033
DM 2020 IPSC Shotgun [ESS] GER2020/09/203
DM 2020 IPSC Shotgun [ESS] GER2020/09/203
DM 2020 IPSC Rifle 1500J [ESS] GER2020/09/203
DM 2020 IPSC Rifle 1500J [ESS] GER2020/09/203
Slovak Open 2020 SVK2020/09/193
Geco IPSC Masters 2020 GER2020/09/133
2020-09-12 Vilnius Open PCC 2020, (Level III, 12 s LTU2020/09/123
2020-09-13 Vilnius Open 2020 (Handgun), (Level III LTU2020/09/123
DM 2020 IPSC Handgun part 2 [ESS] GER2020/08/163
Šiauliai Open 2020 LTU2020/08/163
SSIN 2020 Mini Match 4 [ESS] DEN2020/08/153
Šiauliai Open 2020 PCC LTU2020/08/153
11th Bathory Cup Pcc 2020 SVK2020/08/153
11th Bathory Cup 2020 SVK2020/08/153
HPPC IPSC Masters 2020 GER2020/08/093
Rooster Mountain 2020 sponsored by CZ [ESS] DEN2020/08/023
CZECH SUPERLEAGUE I., 2020 CZE2020/08/013
Shotgun Cup 2020 GER2020/07/263
2020 07 18-19 Shooting Academy Open 2020 LTU2020/07/193
DM 2020 IPSC Handgun part 1 [ESS] GER2020/07/123
BUL Indoor Trophy 2020 GER2020/07/053
Alsa Pro 2020 LTU2020/06/073
Alsa Pro PCC 2020 LTU2020/06/063
Campeonato Nacional IPSC Costa Rica 2020 CRC2020/03/143
LM NRW 2020 Production GER2020/03/013
LM NRW 2020 Production GER2020/03/013
BlackOps2020 GER2020/01/193
Archangel Michael Cup 2019 - Final Round RUS2019/12/203
Tour de France GER2019/12/013
Chile Nationals 2019 CHI2019/11/303
2019 H C H Fast & Furious - Caribbean Cup JAM2019/11/083
Russian Cup Final Round Handgun RUS2019/10/313
II Etapa - VII Camp Brasileiro MINIRIFLE 2019 BRA2019/10/223
S&B Cup CNC 2019 - Shotgun CZE2019/10/193
S&B Cup PCC 2019 CZE2019/10/193
Fenix NRW Trophy GER2019/10/063
2019 J R A Liguanea Cup JAM2019/09/273
Smoking Barrels' Regional Standoff 2019 BAR2019/08/303
Geco IPSC Masters 2019 GER2019/08/253
Commissioner Of Bali Police IPSC Handgun 2019 INA2019/08/243
DM 2019 IPSC Open/Revolver/Classic/Production Opti GER2019/08/183
Alsapro-Vilnius Open 2019 LTU2019/08/183
CENTRO REPÚBLICA 2019 ARG2019/08/173
DM 2019 IPSC Mini-Rifle GER2019/08/173
Superleague IV CZE2019/08/073
Rooster Mountain 2019 sponsored by CZ DEN2019/07/283
2019 IPSC Jamaica Cup JAM2019/07/263
Rheinland-Pfalz Handgun 2019 GER2019/07/213
DM 2019 IPSC Standard GER2019/07/143
DM 2019 IPSC Production GER2019/07/143
Cnc Pcc - Alsa Pro Open 2019 CZE2019/07/133
Cnc Pcc - Alsa Pro Open 2019 CZE2019/07/133
Lithuania Open 2019 LTU2019/07/063
Lithuania Open Pcc 2019 LTU2019/07/063
DM 2019 IPSC Rifle 1500J -PCC GER2019/06/303
DM 2019 IPSC Rifle GER2019/06/303
Hong Kong Action Air Handgun Championship 2019 HKG2019/06/293
Mongolian Open 2019 MGL2019/06/283
Mongolian Steppe 2019 MGL2019/06/253
10th Anniversary Helmbrechts Cup GER2019/06/233
Portuguese Handgun National 2019 POR2019/06/223
Portuguese Handgun National 2019 POR2019/06/223
Infinity Open 2019 GER2019/06/093
Sun City Challenge Pcc LTU2019/06/023
Sun City Challenge LTU2019/06/023
2. Czech Superleague 2019 CZE2019/06/013
REBELS TROPHY 2019 - PCC SVK2019/06/013
REBELS TROPHY 2019 HG SVK2019/06/013
HPPC Masters 2019 Sponsored by HK GER2019/05/053
CNC Rifle 2019 CZE2019/05/033
DM 2019 IPSC Shotgun GER2019/04/283
RDA Rifle match 2019 official final SVK2019/04/233
Shotgun Cup 2019 GER2019/04/223
ISKANDAR SHOOT 2019 MAS2019/04/113
Rheinland-Pfalz Rifle 2019 GER2019/04/073
SUPERLEAGUE 1 CZE2019/04/063
5.11 Cup Germany GER2019/03/313
Belarus Handgun Open Cup 2019 BLR2019/03/303
PCC Bathory Cup 2019 SVK2019/03/303
10th Bathory Cup 2019 SVK2019/03/303
Thailand IPSC Handgun National Championship 2019 THA2019/03/303
Black Ops Coffee Cup GER2019/01/203
Taiwan Action Air Championships 2018 TPE2018/12/153
Taiwan Action Air Championship, 2018 TPE2018/12/153
19th PMA Superintendent's Cup- Handgun PHI2018/12/063
Tour de France GER2018/12/023
IPSC AUST 2018 2-GUN NATIONALS ­ Shotgun AUS2018/11/303
IPSC AUST 2018 2-GUN NATIONALS ­ Rifle AUS2018/11/303
2018 H C H Fast & Furious JAM2018/11/163
2018 Macau Level III MAC2018/11/033
Expert Rifle Open 2018 UKR2018/11/033
Shotgun-Rifle National 2018 ­ Shotgun ITA2018/10/213
Shotgun-Rifle National 2018 ­ Rifle ITA2018/10/213
III Etapa Brasileiro de MINI-RIFLE BRA2018/10/203
III Etapa Camp. Bras. E Open Int. Shotgun 2018 BRA2018/10/183
Argentina Nacional 2018 ARG2018/10/133
Match du Galon d'Or FRA2018/10/133
Fenix NRW Trophy GER2018/10/073
2018 IPSC Jamaica Cup JAM2018/10/053
Nationale Handgun 2018 ITA2018/09/303
DM 2018 IPSC Rifle 1500J GER2018/09/233
DM 2018 IPSC Mini-Rifle GER2018/09/233
Slovak Open 2018 SVK2018/09/223
Geco IPSC Masters 2018 GER2018/09/163
Danube Cup 2018 SVK2018/09/163
CNC HANDGUN 2018 CZE2018/09/013
DM 2018 IPSC Open/Revolver/Classic/Production Opti GER2018/08/263
DM 2018 IPSC KK GER2018/08/263
Curacao Open 2018 CUW2018/08/183
Sickinger Cup 2018 AUT2018/08/033
Iv. Eurasia Extreme Open 2018 RUS2018/08/023
Rooster Mountain 2018 sponsored by CZ DEN2018/07/293
ALSA PRO OPEN 2018 CZE2018/07/283
Wasa Match 2018 FIN2018/07/283
Phantasy Fun 2018 GER2018/07/223
Oil County Challenge 2018 NOR2018/07/213
DM 2018 IPSC Standard GER2018/07/153
DM 2018 IPSC Production GER2018/07/153
VII - Pan American Handgun Championship JAM2018/07/124
SaSA IPSC GT 2018, Rifle Match FIN2018/07/103
41. Jura Treff / Swiss Nationals SUI2018/07/073
Action Air World Shoot I - Hong Kong HKG2018/06/305
DM 2018 IPSC Rifle GER2018/06/243
Mongolian Open 2018 MGL2018/06/223
Summer Fun 2018 CAN2018/06/213
Extreme Euro Open 2018 CZE2018/06/183
12th Benelux Open NED2018/06/173
III Shotgun World Shoot France 2018 FRA2018/06/035
Rebels Trophy 2018 SVK2018/06/013
Helmbrechts-Cup 2018 GER2018/05/313
Kongsvinger Open 2018 NOR2018/05/263
Infinity Open 2018 GER2018/05/203
National Federale Handgun 2018 ITA2018/05/133
2^ Beretta Gold Cup 2018 ITA2018/05/133
3oak Open 2018 GER2018/05/123
ArsenaL Cup 2018 SVK2018/05/123
Open Action Air Sao Paulo 2018 - IPSC BRA2018/05/053
SaSA IPSC GT 2018, Shotgun match FIN2018/05/053
SNO 2018 NOR2018/05/053
Mosquito Handgun Match 2018 SVK2018/05/053
DM 2018 IPSC Shotgun GER2018/04/293
CNC RIFLE 2018 CZE2018/04/243
HPPC Masters 2018 "Sponsored by HK" GER2018/04/223
RDA Rifle Match 2018 - Slovak National Championshi SVK2018/04/213
Shotgun Cup 2018 GER2018/04/153
Home Countries Championship 2018 GBR2018/04/073
9th Bathroy Cup 2018 SVK2018/04/073
Phuket IPSC Handgun Championship 2018 THA2018/03/303
5.11 Cup Germany GER2018/03/253
Belarus Handgun Open Cup 2018 (Bryansk) BLR2018/03/233
1 Etapa do Campeonato Catarinense 2018 Open Inter. BRA2018/02/253
Pirates of IPSC 6 GER2017/12/033
2017 JRA Liguanea Cup JAM2017/12/013
TRIANGLE 10, Handgun CAN2017/11/173
Bavarian Open 2017 GER2017/11/093
Dutch Open 2017 / NK IPSC Handgun NED2017/11/093
Costa Rica Open 2017 CRC2017/11/043
2017 Macau Level III MAC2017/11/043
MINI-RIFLE - 2ª Etapa Campeotato Brasileiro Palmas BRA2017/11/023
SHOTGUN - 2ª Etapa Campeotato Brasileiro Palmas BRA2017/11/023
2017 IPSC WA State Titles AUS2017/10/273
Lao IPSC Handgun Naitonal Championship 2017 LAO2017/10/143
Taiwan Action Air Championship, 2017 TPE2017/10/143
BASCOT VI 2017 INA2017/10/103
FENIX NRW Trophy GER2017/10/083
RIFLE - 2ª Etapa Campeotato Brasileiro Palmas BRA2017/10/023
Hong Kong Action Air Handgun Championship HKG2017/10/013
Belarus Handgun Open Cup 2017 (Bryansk) RUS2017/09/303
DM 2017 IPSC Rifle 1500 J GER2017/09/243
National Handgun 2017 ITA2017/09/243
CNC 2017 HG HODONICE CZE2017/09/233
DM 2017 IPSC Minirifle GER2017/09/233
Wildtiercup 2017 GER2017/09/223
Geco IPSC Masters 2017 GER2017/09/173
Danube Cup 2017 SVK2017/09/173
Danube Cup 2017 SVK2017/09/123
Welsh Championships 2017 GBR2017/09/023
XVIII World Shoot - Handgun FRA2017/08/225
Slovak Open 2017 - Slovak National Championship SVK2017/08/193
HK IPSC Masters 2017 GER2017/08/183
DM 2017 IPSC Standard GER2017/08/133
DM 2017 IPSC Production GER2017/08/133
Russian National Championship 2017 RUS2017/08/113
Rooster Mountain 2017 sponsored by CZ DEN2017/08/063
Thailand IPSC Handgun National Championship 2017 THA2017/08/053
2017 IPSC Jamaica Cup JAM2017/07/293
Alsa Pro Czechoslovakia Open 2017 SVK2017/07/293
WasaMatch 2017 FIN2017/07/283
DM 2017 IPSC Open / Revolver / Classic GER2017/07/233
Iii. Eurasia Extreme Open 2017 RUS2017/07/203
2017 US IPSC National Championship USA2017/07/133
DM IPSC Shotgun GER2017/07/093
III Etapa Brasileiro De IPSC 2017 Anapolis BRA2017/07/013
Juratreff SUI2017/07/013
Copa Maya Guatemala GUA2017/06/243
Summer Fun CAN2017/06/223
IX. Cz Extreme Euro Open CZE2017/06/183
Helmbrechts-Cup GER2017/06/183
IV° Trofeo Città di Sommariva del Bosco ITA2017/06/143
Infinity Open GER2017/06/043
XVIII Big Match ITA2017/06/043
New Caledonia Championships - Handgun FRA2017/06/033
Mosquito Summer SVK2017/06/033
First Rifle World Shoot - RUSSIA RUS2017/05/255
DM IPSC Rifle GER2017/05/213
Rebel cup SVK2017/05/143
Otkrytyy Kubok Respubliki Belarus po ruzhyu. BLR2017/05/133
VI° Trofeo Città di Valeggio ITA2017/05/133
Archangel Michael Cup - Second Round RUS2017/05/123
IV° Prova Eccellenza ITA2017/05/073
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2017/05/063
Phantasy » Strong « GER2017/05/053
VI° Trofeo Città di Calvisano ITA2017/04/233
Piala Sultan Iskandar MAS2017/04/223
RDA Rifle Match - Slovak Rifle Championship SVK2017/04/203
5.11 Cup Germany GER2017/04/173
Shotgun Cup GER2017/04/093
Trofeo "Città Di Marmore" - 24 Edition ITA2017/04/093
Superleague - I. Round CZE2017/04/083
SA Rifle Champs 1 RSA2017/04/083
RDA Bathory Cup SVK2017/04/013
Ironhands GER2017/03/313
3^ Open la Piana 1° Prova Fascia A ITA2017/03/263
I Etapa do Brasileiro De IPSC Hg - Blumenau BRA2017/03/183
1st Round SA Champs RSA2017/03/183
Phuket Handgun Championship THA2017/03/183
MOS Spring GER2017/02/243
Archangel Michael Cup/Russian Cup (Handgun) - 1st RUS2017/02/243
Russian Cup - Final Round RUS2016/12/163
New Caledonia Games FRA2016/12/153
Asia-Pacific IPSC Handgun Championship THA2016/12/103
Torneo Tralkan CHI2016/12/033
Thailand IPSC Mini-Rifle Championship THA2016/12/033
Woodleigh Fast and Furious Match JAM2016/11/273
Bavarian Open GER2016/11/123
2016 international TPSA TPE2016/11/123
Archangel Michael Cup - Final round RUS2016/11/113
Return of the Triangle Match CAN2016/11/103
SHOTGUN - 2 ETAPA Campeonato Brasileiro BRA2016/11/053
Final Campeonato Paraense de IPSC BRA2016/10/303
VI ETAPA Camp Paulista IPSC - Handgun BRA2016/10/283
SA Handgun Champs - Round 3 RSA2016/10/223
Final Round SA Champs RSA2016/10/223
Belarus Shotgun Open BLR2016/10/153
Five April IPSC Handgun Championship LAO2016/10/153
5ª Etapa do Camp. Brasileiro de Tiro Prático BRA2016/10/053
European Handgun Championship - HUNGARY HUN2016/10/034
Warm Up SVK2016/10/013
V. Euro Challenge SVK2016/09/223
Geco IPSC Masters GER2016/09/183
DM IPSC Rifle 1500 J GER2016/09/113
Handgun Nationals ITA2016/09/113
IPSC Shotgun BM Final GBR2016/09/103
DM IPSC Minirifle GER2016/09/103
Slovak National Championship - Handgun SVK2016/09/103
23. Int. RAG Arber Wanderpokal 2016 GER2016/09/093
Alsa Pro-LT LTU2016/09/033
JRA Liguanea Cup JAM2016/09/023
Australasia Championship - Handgun INA2016/08/284
Rifle Champs Round 2 RSA2016/08/273
DM IPSC Open / Revolver / Classic GER2016/08/213
DM IPSC KK GER2016/08/213
Danube cup 2016 SVK2016/08/213
II. Novikom Russian Extreme Open RUS2016/08/193
2016 TPSA National TPE2016/08/133
Vilnius Open LTU2016/08/063
11. Güstrow-Open GER2016/07/293
Jamaica Cup JAM2016/07/283
Wasa Match FIN2016/07/243
DM IPSC Production GER2016/07/243
DM IPSC Standard GER2016/07/243
Summer Slam X CAN2016/07/233
Arminedas Open LTU2016/07/233
SA Shotgun Champs Round 2 RSA2016/07/233
DM 2016 IPSC Shotgun GER2016/07/173
MOS Summer CZE2016/07/093
2016 S A Handgun Champs - Round 2 RSA2016/07/073
Lithuania Open LTU2016/06/293
2nd Polish IPSC Shotgun Championship POL2016/06/263
Summer Fun CAN2016/06/233
DM IPSC Rifle GER2016/06/193
JRA Presidents Cup JAM2016/06/183
Kaunas Open LTU2016/06/183
Oil County Challenge NM Production NOR2016/06/183
XXIII° "Trofeo Città di Marmore" ITA2016/06/123
Rda Rifle Match - Slovak Championship - Rifle SVK2016/06/113
VIII. CZ Extreme Euro Open CZE2016/06/023
Helmbrechts Cup GER2016/05/263
Southern Areas Championships GBR2016/05/223
24° Trofeo Città di Bassiano Fascia A ITA2016/05/223
Copa Maya HON2016/05/213
Czechoslovakia Open SVK2016/05/213
Open do Mar - 2016 POR2016/05/163
Infinity Open 2016 GER2016/05/153
1° Beretta Gold Cup ITA2016/05/153
Baltic Open 2016 LTU2016/05/143
Arsenal Cup 2016 SVK2016/05/073
5.11 BALTIC CHALLENGE 2016 LTU2016/04/303
2016 SA Handgun Champs - Round 1 RSA2016/04/303
Mosquito Handgun Match 2016 SVK2016/04/303
Taca de Portugal - 2016 POR2016/04/243
Home Countries Championship 2016 GBR2016/04/233
Czech Superleague I - Hodonice 2016 CZE2016/04/163
Fiocchi Shotgun Cup 2016 GER2016/04/103
XVII Big Match ITA2016/04/103
Iskandar Shoot 2016 MAS2016/04/093
HPPC Ghost Masters 2016 GER2016/04/033
RDA Bathory Cup 2016 SVK2016/04/033
GB Northern Championships 2016 GBR2016/04/023
2016 SA Shotgun Champs Round 1 RSA2016/03/193
Phuket IPSC Handgun Championship 2016 THA2016/03/193
Bergen Open 2016 NM Classic NOR2016/03/053
2016 Rifle Champs Round 1 RSA2016/02/133
SA State Handgun Championship AUS2016/01/223
30 Year Anniversary Championship THA2015/12/103
Pirates of IPSC 4 GER2015/12/063
Shotgun National Championship THA2015/11/203
Nederlands Kampioenschap Handgun NED2015/11/143
Open Artn POR2015/11/143
SA Handgun Champs - Round 3 RSA2015/11/143
Etapa Final Camp. Bras. Mini Rifle BRA2015/11/043
Etapa Final Camp. Bras Shotgun BRA2015/11/043
Suriname Open SUR2015/10/233
Far East Asia Handgun Championship MAS2015/10/144
DM Rifle KW-Patrone GER2015/10/113
National Handgun ITA2015/10/113
Slovak National Championship SVK2015/10/113
DM Mini-Rifle GER2015/10/103
Polokwane Rifle Champs RSA2015/10/103
Cto. de España ESP2015/10/083
Geco Masters GER2015/09/273
Curacao Open CUW2015/09/183
Walthercup Arras September, 2015 FRA2015/09/123
Quebec Provincial Championship CAN2015/09/063
3oak Open 2015 GER2015/09/063
Danube Cup SVK2015/09/063
5 Prova Fascia A ITA2015/09/053
Shotgun SA Champs Level III RSA2015/08/293
DM IPSC KK GER2015/08/233
DM Open/Revolver/Classic GER2015/08/233
Tercera Fecha Copa Maya 2,015 GUA2015/08/223
Bathory Cup SVK2015/08/163
DM Shotgun GER2015/08/093
Oil County Challenge NOR2015/08/083
3° Trofeo Città di Sommariva del Bosco ITA2015/08/023
DM Production GER2015/07/263
Estonian Open EST2015/07/233
ALSA Pro Czechoslovakia Open SVK2015/07/123
English Mini-Rifle Championship GBR2015/07/043
Lithuania Open LTU2015/07/043
Midnight Sun Shoot NOR2015/06/273
XIV Open do Minho - Taca de Portugal POR2015/06/253
European Rifle Championship HUN2015/06/224
II Etapa Do XXVIII Campeonato Brasileiro BRA2015/06/213
Southern New Brunswick CAN2015/06/213
Czech Superleague CZE2015/06/213
Arminedas Open LTU2015/06/203
Dead Wolf Open NOR2015/06/203
8. Burgenland Cup AUT2015/06/193
Summer Fun CAN2015/06/183
3 Etapa Ranking Gaucho IPSC - Rio Grande BRA2015/06/143
21° Trofeo Città di Marmore ITA2015/06/143
Belarus Shotgun Open Cup BLR2015/06/133
2da Valida Barranquilla COL2015/06/133
Jack Enrile Cup (Mini-Rifle) PHI2015/06/133
Shooting-Academy Cup POL2015/06/133
IV Etapa Do Paulista De IPSC - Clube Atibaia BRA2015/06/123
CSAFP Cup PHI2015/06/113
SAPSA Nationals Round 2 RSA2015/06/063
VII Extreme Euro Open CZE2015/06/043
Australia National Championship - Handgun AUS2015/06/033
French National Rifle Championship FRA2015/05/303
Thunder on the Stage HUN2015/05/303
Kongsvinger Open NOR2015/05/303
Infinity Open GER2015/05/243
Kaunas Open LTU2015/05/233
Safari Cup SER2015/05/233
RDA Rifle Match SVK2015/05/223
Baltic Storm EST2015/05/213
3rd Physician's Cup PHI2015/05/213
KSA Match FIN2015/05/173
IR SUD Rifle - STSM FRA2015/05/173
Venice Cup Match ITA2015/05/173
Copa Maya HON2015/05/163
Grand Prix Sellier & Bellot CZE2015/05/153
DM Rifle GER2015/05/103
German Championship - DM Rifle GER2015/05/103
16° Big Match ITA2015/05/103
SIG SAUER Cup GRE2015/05/093
Gdansk Open POL2015/05/093
Arsenal Cup SVK2015/05/093
Arsenal Cup SVK2015/05/093
Champagne Trophy FRA2015/05/083
2nd Governor Bambi Emano Cup PHI2015/05/073
5.11 Baltic Challenge LTU2015/05/023
Nordic Championship Open NOR2015/05/023
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2015/05/023
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2015/05/023
Stockholm Open SWE2015/05/023
II Etapa Do XXVIII Campeonato Brasileiro BRA2015/05/013
2nd RPSA Invitational Shootfest (Classifier Match) PHI2015/04/293
Czech Superleague CZE2015/04/253
Western Province Rifle Championship RSA2015/04/253
XIII Munich Open GER2015/04/243
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Handgun BUL2015/04/193
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Rifle BUL2015/04/193
Home Countries Championship GBR2015/04/183
15th Ironhands GER2015/04/173
IR Sud Est Handgun FRA2015/04/113
I Etapa XI Campeonato Brasileiro de Shotgun BRA2015/04/103
TVR CUP 3 FRA2015/04/053
Westfriesland Challenge NED2015/04/033
Metak Cup SER2015/03/293
7th Internationale SCW Trophy AUT2015/03/273
I Etapa Campeonato Brasileiro De IPSC BRA2015/03/273
Pirate Game FRA2015/03/223
Phuket IPSC Handgun Championship THA2015/03/213
1 Valida - Bogota COL2015/03/203
African Championship - Handgun RSA2015/03/204
1ª Etapa Ranking Gaucho De IPSC BRA2015/03/153
Moscow Cup RUS2015/03/143
APA - Practical Pistol State Titles AUS2015/03/133
NSW Practical Pistol State Titles AUS2015/03/133
I Etapa Camp Paulista De IPSC BRA2015/03/133
Action Air Finland FIN2015/03/013
Puerto Rico Open PUR2015/03/013
Austrian Sis-Sauger Master AUT2015/02/203
Battlefield Snow EST2015/02/203
Shotgun S.A. Campionship RSA2015/02/143
Victorian State Championship AUS2015/02/133
Montreal Indoor Challenge CAN2015/01/303
IX Etapa do Ranking Gaúcho de IPSC BRA2014/12/143
Nicaragua Open NCA2014/11/293
Shotgun National Championship THA2014/11/293
National ­ Rifle AUS2014/11/283
National ­ Shotgun AUS2014/11/283
V Etapa Final Paraense IX Copa GrandPower BRA2014/11/283
Kilwell CZ - National NZL2014/11/253
Handgun National Championship THA2014/11/223
Victorian State Selection Match 4 AUS2014/11/153
Moss Indoor Open NOR2014/11/153
Novikom Match RUS2014/11/153
VI Etapa do Brasileiro IPSC - Cuiabá DivCBTP BRA2014/11/133
VIII Etapa Ranking Gaúcho IPSC - Rosario do Sul BRA2014/11/093
Bushveld Handgun Championship RSA2014/11/083
Far Cry v Tolyatti. Final Kubka Rossii po karabinu RUS2014/11/083
Suriname Open SUR2014/11/073
VII Etapa Camp Paulista - Shotgun BRA2014/11/033
VIII Etapa Camp Paulista - Handgun BRA2014/11/013
South Island NZL2014/11/013
Tallinna Sugis EST2014/10/303
Danube cup SVK2014/10/263
Danube Cup SVK2014/10/263
SSM3 WDPC AUS2014/10/183
East Java Championship INA2014/10/103
World Shoot XVII USA2014/10/065
VII Etapa Do Ranking Gaúcho De IPSC BRA2014/09/283
Boland Shotgun National RSA2014/09/273
Balkan Cup - Rifle BUL2014/09/213
Geco Masters GER2014/09/213
Taça de Portugal POR2014/09/213
Balkan Cup - Handgun BUL2014/09/203
3a. Fecha Copa Maya - Guatemala GUA2014/09/203
Geco Open HUN2014/09/203
Kepri Open INA2014/09/203
DM Rifle KW - Patrone GER2014/09/143
V Etapa Do Campeonato Brasileiro De IPSC BRA2014/09/133
IV. GP Euro Challenge CZE2014/09/133
North Island Handgun Championship NZL2014/09/133
Final Cup of Russia (Shotgun) RUS2014/09/133
ONYX SWE2014/09/133
Superliga APS CR 3 kolo CZE2014/09/073
Cup Felix Romuliana SER2014/09/073
Budapest Open HUN2014/09/063
Alsa Pro - Lt LTU2014/09/063
Curacao Open CUW2014/09/053
SGW Summerstage AUT2014/08/313
Haulikko FIN2014/08/313
Central European Open Rifle HUN2014/08/313
IV Etapa Pre Mundial Brasilia BRA2014/08/303
Dall Challenge DEN2014/08/303
Central European Open Handgun HUN2014/08/303
Bushveld Rifle Champs Level III RSA2014/08/303
Blacktown Open August AUS2014/08/293
Quebec Provincial CAN2014/08/293
DM Open/Modified GER2014/08/243
Dead Wolf Open NOR2014/08/233
Cracow Open POL2014/08/233
Tallinn Open - Estonian Super League III EST2014/08/223
Chempionat Rossii po prakticheskoy Strelbe iz pist RUS2014/08/223
IV Etapa Brasileiro - BELEM BRA2014/08/163
Manitoba Provincial Championship CAN2014/08/163
8th Delta Cup - Serbian Championship SER2014/08/163
STI Euro Challenge CZE2014/08/153
Vilnius Open LTU2014/08/093
Vienna Open AUT2014/07/253
Caribbean Cup JAM2014/07/243
Kubok Rossii po Ruzhyu 1-y etap RUS2014/07/243
Viking Match NOR2014/07/193
H.S. Produck Supermatch ITA2014/07/133
Lithuania Open LTU2014/07/053
SNC Sielnica SVK2014/07/053
XIII Open Minho POR2014/06/283
Superliga APS CR 2 kolo Zalany CZE2014/06/223
Northern Ireland Championship NIR2014/06/213
Aruba Open ARU2014/06/203
7. Burgenland Cup AUT2014/06/203
Chempionat Rossii po Ruzhyu RUS2014/06/193
Prova Do Alegrete BRA2014/06/153
1° Trofeo Di Citta' Di Castel Volturno ITA2014/06/153
IV Etapa Camp Paulista - Divisoes BRA2014/06/143
BG Shotgun Masters BUL2014/06/143
Thunder on the Stage HUN2014/06/143
Arminedas Open LTU2014/06/143
2nd Round S.A. Championship RSA2014/06/143
Bathory Cup SVK2014/06/143
Infinity Open GER2014/06/083
Copa Maya HON2014/06/073
Kongsvinger Open NOR2014/06/073
Russian Rifle Cup (First Round) RUS2014/06/063
National Handgun Championship AUS2014/06/043
Colombia Open COL2014/05/313
Safari Cup SER2014/05/313
VI. Extreme Euro Open CZE2014/05/293
Criterium Mini Rifle FRA2014/05/263
Open de Chile - 11° Aniversario CHI2014/05/253
DM Rifle GER2014/05/253
II Trofeo Citta' Di Sommariva Del Bosco ITA2014/05/253
III Etapa Brasileiro BRA2014/05/243
Bergen Open NOR2014/05/243
NT State Titles AUS2014/05/233
Championnat de France FRA2014/05/233
Montenegro Open I MTO2014/05/183
III Etapa Camp Paulista BRA2014/05/173
5.11 Baltic Challenge LTU2014/05/173
Grand Prix Sellier & Bellot CZE2014/05/163
Otkrytyy Chempionat Sibirskogo Federalnogo Okruga RUS2014/05/163
Baltic Storm EST2014/05/153
Inter Région Grand Ouest FRA2014/05/113
22° Trofeo città di Bassiano Eccellenza A ITA2014/05/113
Gdansk Open POL2014/05/113
Bushveld Champs - Shotgun RSA2014/05/103
Central European Shotgun Open HUN2014/05/093
Russian Handgun Cup (First Round) RUS2014/05/083
Magnus & Team Davao Cup - WS XVII Qualifier Match PHI2014/05/073
Southern Championships GBR2014/05/043
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Handgun BUL2014/05/033
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Rifle BUL2014/05/033
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Shotgun BUL2014/05/033
Kaunas Open LTU2014/05/033
SNO NOR2014/05/033
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2014/05/033
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2014/05/033
XII Munich Open GER2014/05/023
ALSA Pro Cup Serbia SER2014/04/273
II Etapa Brasileiro - Brasilia - Divisoes BRA2014/04/263
I Etapa Brasileiro Shotgun - Atibaia BRA2014/04/193
I Etapa Brasileiro Mini-Rifle - Atibaia BRA2014/04/193
Czech Superleague CZE2014/04/193
West Friesland Challenge NED2014/04/183
Israel Open ISR2014/04/163
III° Venice Cup ITA2014/04/133
II Etapa do Paulita De IPSC HG BRA2014/04/123
Ir Sud Est Stsm FRA2014/04/123
Easter Central European Open HUN2014/04/123
Finnish Action Air Championship FIN2014/04/113
IR Nord Ecot FRA2014/04/053
6th Internationale SCW Trophy AUT2014/04/043
Alexander the Great Cup - M. Ganas GRE2014/03/303
III° Trofeo Città di FIUMICINO ITA2014/03/303
I Etapa Campeonato Brasileiro de IPSC BRA2014/03/293
II Etapa do Campeonato Mineiro de IPSC BRA2014/03/223
1 Valida - Bogota COL2014/03/223
Pirate Games FRA2014/03/223
Phuket Handgun Championship THA2014/03/224
Asian Pacific Glock 8th WS XVII Qualifier PHI2014/03/183
1st Round S.A. Championship RSA2014/03/153
1ª Etapa do Pré-Mundial de Handgun - FTPDF BRA2014/03/143
HRPC SNB 250 CAN2014/03/053
Super Copa Maya El Salvador ESA2014/03/013
Primera Fecha Campeonato Nacional GUA2014/02/223
Victorian State Championship AUS2014/02/143
1 Etapa Brasilience FTPDF BRA2014/02/093
Boland Pistol RSA2014/02/083
Chief PNP Alan LM Purisima Cup - Main PHI2014/02/063
Montreal Indoor Challenge CAN2014/01/263
Ballistic/Marksman/SOG SA Championship AUS2014/01/243
Torneo Nacional ­ Handgun HON2013/12/153
Puerto Rico National's PUR2013/12/153
Sen. Bongbong Marcos Cup WSXVII Qualifier Match PHI2013/12/113
Torneo 5 Naciones CHI2013/12/073
Campeonato Nacional URU2013/12/073
VIII Etapa Do Paulista De IPSC Handgun BRA2013/11/303
Far East Asia Handgun Championship THA2013/11/254
Etapa Mini Rifle Math FTPDF BRA2013/11/243
Zimbabwe Open ZIM2013/11/233
Victorian State Selection Match 5 AUS2013/11/163
Moss Indoor Open NOR2013/11/163
V Etapa Campeonato Brasileiro de IPSC BRA2013/11/153
Copa Maya, El Salvador ESA2013/11/093
Bushveld Championship ­ Handgun RSA2013/11/083
Bushveld Championship ­ Rifle RSA2013/11/083
Bushveld Championship ­ Shotgun RSA2013/11/083
Suriname Open SUR2013/11/083
Barranquilla Open COL2013/11/023
Montenegro Open IV MTO2013/11/023
DM Rifle 1500 GER2013/10/273
Puchar Incorsa POL2013/10/263
Ukraine Handgun Open UKR2013/10/203
Victorian State Selection Match 4 AUS2013/10/193
Metak Cup SER2013/10/133
Intern. Lochener Bär AUT2013/10/113
National's USA2013/10/083
National ITA2013/10/063
PTT IPSC Mini-Rifle Championship THA2013/10/063
3rd Round S.A Champs Stilfontein RSA2013/10/053
Australia National Championship ­ Shotgun AUS2013/10/043
Australia National Championship ­ Rifle AUS2013/10/043
Geco Masters GER2013/09/293
Grom Cup & Serbia Open Championship SER2013/09/293
BG Shotgun Masters BUL2013/09/283
West Java Championship INA2013/09/283
GSSV Herbstmatch AUT2013/09/273
IV Etapa Campeonato Brasileiro de IPSC BRA2013/09/273
Geco Masters GER2013/09/273
Torneo Nivel 3 Setiembre URU2013/09/063
European Handgun Championship POR2013/09/034
BC Provincial's CAN2013/09/013
Walther Cup Arras FRA2013/09/013
21° Trofeo Città di Bassiano ITA2013/09/013
Slovak National Championship SVK2013/09/013
Haulikko FIN2013/08/313
Mayan Cup Nicaragua NCA2013/08/313
SGW Summerstage AUT2013/08/253
Montenegro Open III MTO2013/08/243
Dead Wolf Open NOR2013/08/243
Copa Grand Power Da Amazonia BRA2013/08/173
Victorian State Selection Match 2 AUS2013/08/163
Vilnius Open LTU2013/08/103
Third NAPSA National NAM2013/08/103
Kouvola Pistol Match FIN2013/08/043
III Etapa Do Campeonato Brasileiro De IPSC BRA2013/08/033
Canada National Championship CAN2013/08/013
IV. Central-European Shotgun Open HUN2013/08/013
Czech Superleague CZE2013/07/283
Alpha Open EST2013/07/283
III ETAPA FTPJ - Associação Tiro Duque de Caxias BRA2013/07/273
BG Rifle Open BUL2013/07/273
CNC Tournament, Rifle CZE2013/07/273
V Etapa do Ranking Gaúcho de IPSC - Tiro 4 BRA2013/07/213
BG Grand Open BUL2013/07/203
Chempionat Ukrainy, ruzhe UKR2013/07/203
Estonian Super League II EST2013/07/193
Finnish Championship Rifle Practical Hamina FIN2013/07/133
Polish Open POL2013/07/133
Latin American Handgun Championship - Ecuador ECU2013/07/114
6° Prova Fascia "A" MATCH ITA2013/07/083
Felix Romvliana Cup SER2013/07/073
Torneo 40 Aniversario Armeria ­ Handgun HON2013/07/063
Lithuania Open LTU2013/07/063
River Meeting - Nordic Rifle NOR2013/07/063
Estonian Open Rifle - KJSK 3G GT Rifle Match EST2013/07/043
Alberta Provincial's CAN2013/06/293
Segunda Fecha Campeonato Nacional GUA2013/06/293
Midnight Sun Shoot NOR2013/06/293
Cracow Open POL2013/06/293
XII Open Do Minho POR2013/06/293
Curacao Open CUW2013/06/283
Estonian Super League I EST2013/06/283
2nd Round S.A. Championship RSA2013/06/283
Pan American Shotgun USA2013/06/254
10 Years Dynamic Race BUL2013/06/233
XV Big Match ITA2013/06/223
North Ireland National Championship NIR2013/06/223
South Palmira Rifle Open UKR2013/06/223
6. Burgenland Cup AUT2013/06/213
Summer Fun CAN2013/06/193
Championnat de France FRA2013/06/193
PRO 8 Square & Compass Club Friendship Cup - Quali PHI2013/06/183
CNC Tournament, Handgun CZE2013/06/103
Queensland State Titles AUS2013/06/083
SL APS CR 3 kolo CZE2013/06/023
IX Campeonato Brasileiro de Shotgun BRA2013/06/013
Medellin Open COL2013/06/013
2° Venice Cup 3° Prova fascia A ITA2013/06/013
Kaunas Open LTU2013/06/013
Kongsvinger Open NOR2013/06/013
I Open CTF POR2013/06/013
III Etapa Sg FTPDF BRA2013/05/263
NT State Titles AUS2013/05/253
Safari Cup SER2013/05/253
Baltic Storm EST2013/05/183
Copa Maya HON2013/05/183
3ª Prova Campeonato Nacional POR2013/05/183
Cobra Cup BIH2013/05/163
Champagne Trophy FRA2013/05/123
3°Gara XXI Trofeo "CITTA' di MARMORE" ITA2013/05/123
Open de Chile - 10° Aniversario CHI2013/05/113
5.11 Baltic Challenge LTU2013/05/113
Rifle Match - Polokwane RSA2013/05/113
NSW Practical Pistol State Titles AUS2013/05/043
II Etapa do Campeonato Brasileiro de IPSC BRA2013/05/043
Primera Fecha Campeonato Nacional GUA2013/05/043
SNO - Nordic Championship (Classic & Revolver) NOR2013/05/043
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2013/05/043
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2013/05/043
MED CUP FRA2013/05/033
2 ETAPA FTPDF Handgun BRA2013/04/283
2° Gara Eccellenza Super Match ITA2013/04/283
Gdansk Open POL2013/04/273
II Etapa Do Ranking Gaucho De IPSC BRA2013/04/213
Iron Sight Handgun Championship THA2013/04/213
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Handgun BUL2013/04/203
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Rifle BUL2013/04/203
Arminedas Open LTU2013/04/203
Victorian State Championship AUS2013/04/193
Bathory Cup SVK2013/04/133
5th Internationale SCW Trophy AUT2013/04/123
Montreal Indoor Challenge CAN2013/04/073
1° Gara di Eccellenza Fascia A ITA2013/04/073
II Etapa Do Paulista Ta De IPSC HG BRA2013/04/063
Westfriesland Open NED2013/03/293
Finnish Action Air Championship FIN2013/03/173
Prova De Santa Maria RS BRA2013/03/163
Bogota Open COL2013/03/023
VII - Campeonato Regional Norte POR2013/03/023
I Etapa Do Paulista Ta De IPSC HG BRA2013/02/233
Australasia Handgun Championship NZL2013/02/234
Battlefield Snow EST2013/02/223
SA IPSC State Handgun Championship AUS2013/01/253
PPLA Club Match AUS2013/01/132
3 Koenig Match AUT2013/01/043
X Etapa do Ranking Gaucho de IPSC - São Leopoldo BRA2012/12/093
Puerto Rico Nationals PUR2012/12/093
IX Etapa Do Paulista IPSC HG - FPTP/TD BRA2012/12/013
III Fecha Campeonato Nacional Guatemala Open GUA2012/12/013
Action Air National Championship THA2012/11/253
Viking Open EST2012/11/233
Victorian State Selection Match 4 AUS2012/11/173
Moss Indoor Open NOR2012/11/173
Handgun National Championship THA2012/11/173
Bushveld 3 Gun Tournement ­ Handgun RSA2012/11/163
Bushveld 3 Gun Tournement ­ Shotgun RSA2012/11/163
Bushveld 3 Gun Tournement ­ Rifle RSA2012/11/163
XXV Campeonato Brasileiro - Etapa Final - V BRA2012/11/143
Nacional Chile CHI2012/11/093
East Java Championship INA2012/11/093
Cali Open COL2012/11/033
VIII Etapa Do Paulista IPSC HG - Calibre BRA2012/10/273
3rd Round S.A. Championship RSA2012/10/273
III Etapa Copa STI Nordeste De IPSC BRA2012/10/203
Montenegro Open II MTO2012/10/203
FITDS National Handgun ITA2012/10/143
Pan American Handgun Championship PAR2012/10/144
Victorian State Selection Match 3 AUS2012/10/133
Incorsa Cup POL2012/10/093
Serbian Open Championship SER2012/10/093
Copa Maya HON2012/10/063
National Handgun Championship NZL2012/10/023
VIII Etapa Gaúcho IPSC E XIII Da Light - Rosário BRA2012/09/303
Nacional De Pistola URU2012/09/293
GSSV Herbstmatch AUT2012/09/283
National Championship ORC NOR2012/09/233
Mini-Rifle Championship THA2012/09/223
World Shoot - Shotgun HUN2012/09/195
Wiener Landesmeisterschaft AUT2012/09/163
Ukraine Shotgun Open UKR2012/09/163
Slovak National Championship SVK2012/09/153
Tallinn Open EST2012/09/143
5. Burgenland Cup AUT2012/09/083
XXV Campeonato Brasileiro - Etapa Centro Norte - IV BRA2012/09/083
Finnish 3-gun Championship - Shotgun FIN2012/09/083
Czech Superleague CZE2012/09/023
Loimaa Shotgun VI – 2012 IPSC Shotgun Nationals FIN2012/09/023
VII Etapa Do Paulista IPSC HG - Sorocaba/Universal BRA2012/09/013
Alpha Open EST2012/09/013
II Fecha Campeonato Nacional Guatemala Open GUA2012/09/013
North Island Handgun Championship NZL2012/09/013
Cops Cup XX - Swedish Nationals SWE2012/09/013
Championnat Provincial Du Quebec CAN2012/08/313
SGW Summerstage AUT2012/08/263
Delta Cup VI - Triple Crown Extreme SER2012/08/263
Queensland State Titles AUS2012/08/253
Dall Challenge DEN2012/08/253
Polish Open POL2012/08/253
Super League Match III EST2012/08/243
Russian Shotgun Cup, Final Round RUS2012/08/233
Finnish Handgun Championship FIN2012/08/193
Victorian State Selection Match 1 AUS2012/08/183
II Etapa Da II Copa Das FCN De IPSC BRA2012/08/183
Manitoba Provincial Championship CAN2012/08/183
Aruba Open ARU2012/08/173
Potsepa Praktikal EST2012/08/113
Vilnius Open LTU2012/08/113
ColdFox Norwegian Rifle Championship NOR2012/08/113
Cracow Open POL2012/08/113
The Challenge By PCB & SAM GER2012/08/103
Kerkyra Cup GRE2012/08/053
VI Etapa Do Paulista IPSC HG - Aguia De Haia BRA2012/08/043
Baltic Storm EST2012/08/023
Canada National Championship CAN2012/08/013
VIII Camp Brasileiro De Shotgun BRA2012/07/283
Australia National Championship - Rifle AUS2012/07/273
Australia National Championship - Shotgun AUS2012/07/273
Caimanera VEN2012/07/253
4ª Etapa Estadual Mato Grosso - Falcão Clube BRA2012/07/213
Portuguese National Handgun Championship POR2012/07/213
European Rifle Championship BUL2012/07/204
Estonian Open EST2012/07/193
Czech Superleague CZE2012/07/153
CNC Tournament, Rifle CZE2012/07/143
Copa Maya, El Salvador ESA2012/07/143
West Coast Rifle Open Nordic Championship, Sweden SWE2012/07/143
Ukraine Rifle Open UKR2012/07/143
Super League Match II EST2012/07/133
V Etapa Do Gaucho De IPSC E VIII Da Light - Tiro 4 BRA2012/07/083
KSA Match FIN2012/07/083
Lochener Bär AUT2012/07/073
British Open GBR2012/07/073
Lithuania Open LTU2012/07/073
Bathory Cup SVK2012/07/073
Ontario Provincial's CAN2012/07/043
XXV Campeonato Brasileiro - Etapa Sudeste - III BRA2012/06/303
Medellin Open COL2012/06/303
XI - Open Minho POR2012/06/303
Geco Open HUN2012/06/293
Estonian Open Rifle EST2012/06/283
IV Etapa Handgun FTPDF BRA2012/06/243
Czech Superleague CZE2012/06/243
Mario s Open AUT2012/06/233
I Fecha Campeonato Nacional Guatemala Open GUA2012/06/233
Baltic Open LTU2012/06/233
2nd Round S.A. Championship RSA2012/06/233
Summer Fun CAN2012/06/223
French Nationals FRA2012/06/223
Dynamic Race - Handgun BUL2012/06/163
Gothenburg Open "Putte Memorial" SWE2012/06/163
Cordillera De Los Andes BOL2012/06/153
Nivel 3 Club Uruguayo URU2012/06/093
IV Etapa Do Paulista IPSC HG - Atibaia BRA2012/06/033
II Etapa Copa STI Nordeste De IPSC BRA2012/06/023
3ª Etapa Estadual Mato Grosso - Clube Pantanal BRA2012/06/023
Benelli Cup UKR2012/06/023
Kongsvinger Open NOR2012/06/013
NT State Titles AUS2012/05/263
Kaunas Open LTU2012/05/263
Ken Brown Memorial GBR2012/05/253
Infinity Open GER2012/05/253
3rd Central European Shotgun Open HUN2012/05/253
CNC Tournament, Handgun CZE2012/05/193
XXI Mikkeli Practical FIN2012/05/193
7. SCS Solothurnmatch SUI2012/05/193
XXV Campeonato Brasileiro - Etapa Cone Sul - II BRA2012/05/183
Super League Match I EST2012/05/183
Estonian Handgun League EST2012/05/133
Master's Tir Club France FRA2012/05/123
III Etapa Do Paulista IPSC HG - Barra Bonita BRA2012/05/053
Finnish 3-gun Championship - Rifle FIN2012/05/053
SNO - Nordic Championship (Standard) NOR2012/05/053
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2012/05/053
Mosquito Handgun Match SVK2012/05/053
Ukraine Handgun Open UKR2012/04/293
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Rifle BUL2012/04/283
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Handgun BUL2012/04/283
Tarnovo Open Cup ­ Shotgun BUL2012/04/283
Arminedas Open LTU2012/04/283
Iron Sight Handgun Championship THA2012/04/283
Inter Regional Ouest FRA2012/04/273
Copa Columbus GUA2012/04/273
2nd FSV 1864 Trophy AUT2012/04/213
3a Etapa Do Camp Catarinense E Paranaense De T.P. BRA2012/04/213
S.A. Rifle Championship RSA2012/04/213
II Etapa Ranking Gaúcho IPSC- III de LIGHT, SOCEPE BRA2012/04/153
Open de Chile - 9° Aniversario CHI2012/04/143
Arminedas Open LTU2011/10/223
Чемпионат России, карабин RUS2011/10/183
Czech Superleague CZE2011/10/153
World Shoot XVI GRE2011/10/035
Vilnius Open LTU2011/08/133
Lithuania Open LTU2011/07/093
Kaunas Open LTU2011/05/293
Australasia Handgun Championship MAS2010/10/164
Mushrooms Match LTU2010/10/033
European Handgun Championship SER2010/09/124
BC Provincial's CAN2010/09/013
Vilnius Open LTU2010/08/143
Lithuania Open LTU2010/07/103
Kaunas Open LTU2010/06/123
Baltic Open LTU2009/09/193
Vilnius Open LTU2009/08/153
Lithuania Open LTU2009/07/113
Kaunas Open LTU2009/06/203
Gothenburg - Putte Memorial SWE2009/05/163
Vilnius Open LTU2008/08/163
Lithuania Open LTU2008/07/053
Kaunas Open LTU2008/05/243
Australia National Championship - Handgun AUS2008/03/193
World Shoot XIV ECU2005/08/175
European Handgun Championship CZE2004/08/234
Canada National Championship CAN2004/07/283
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